How is my data protected?

We understand that access to your client data is critical for your organisation and that without it, business effectively grinds to a halt. In order to ensure excellent performance and a highly reliable service for our clients, the SupportAbility data centre maintains multiple Tier-1 internet connections with failover procedures. Government grade security safeguards and backup […]

How can SupportAbility be used to assist with Audits?

SupportAbility is designed to make audits quick and painless. SupportAbility stores detailed event and data change logs on all Staff activity as they use the system. We have functionality, and strategies to assist, to ensure there are clear evidence trails.

Does SupportAbility contain an Incident Management System?

Yes, SupportAbility provides a suite of tools for managing client behavioural incidents and provides an accident incident register to assess risk (ISO31000), track injuries, perform investigations to identify contributing factors, collect documentation and identify opportunities for improvement.

Can I get a referral from one of your clients?

Absolutely! Once we understand more about your organisation and the services you deliver following a product demonstration, we can provide you with contact details for one of our subscribing providers that has similar operations and business requirements.

Can staff have different levels of access?

Yes. SupportAbility can be used to provision tailored privileges for staff. Privileges can be provisioned for each site and service were a staff member works, or globally, across the organisation as a whole.