Powerful reporting and real time analytics at your fingertips

SupportAbility offers a host of comprehensive reporting tools that allows you to turn data into decisions. 

We ensure that all your data is accessible, transparent and available, no matter where you are.


We understand that NDIS businesses generate a wealth of data. That is why we have made it simple to track and leverage your data to inform critical business decisions. Ensure relevant data is accessible and transparent, helping to support business operations on demand.


SupportAbility’s comprehensive tagging system can be used to intuitively categorise records based on specific attributes. Use these tags to generate reports, filter searches, segment mailing lists and more.


Generate NDIS funding statements with ease. Provide details of services delivered, expenditure, budget summaries and remaining balances in a clear and easy to read format. Statements can be exported or printed to easily communicate budget status to participants.

Documents (Reporting)

SupportAbility provides powerful document management tools that allow you to identify clients that are missing critical documentation such as NDIS Plans and Service Agreements before it becomes a problem. Quickly generate reports to proactively identify the upcoming expiry of NDIS Plans, Service Agreements and other important documents. Ensure that all your staff have the required documentation such as NDIS Worker Screening Checks and police checks. Staff receive dashboard notifications when documents they are responsible for are due to expire.

Utilisation Reports

Identify budgets with low funds using our detailed NDIS funding and budget utilisation reports. Locate clients with problematic over or under-spending patterns. Receive notifications when scheduling services with participants that are reaching their funding limits to ensure you always get paid for the services you deliver.

NDIS Funding & Budgets

Make sure that you are always delivering services within funding budgets. Setup NDIS funding for clients, listing supports and budgets available for the services they participate in. Track budgets, expenditure, utilisation and balances with detailed statements and reports. Receive warnings and alerts when clients are running low on funds to ensure that you always get paid for the services you deliver.

Incident Reports

Track and manage incidents with confidence using SupportAbility. Our incident register provides comprehensive incident management tools such as ISO31000 risk assessments.  Manage incidents by conducting investigations, identifying opportunities for improvement and more.

Graphical Statistics

We make managing your invoicing simple. Enter invoices received from external service providers and convert them into Bulk Payment Requests. Then it’s as simple as exporting invoices to your finance system for payment processing. 

We also provide the ability to enforce privacy barriers between direct and Plan Management services to reduce conflict of interest. Make Plan Management simple with SupportAbility.

Risk Reporting

Keep your staff safe with prominent warnings to alert them of potential risks. Alerts and warnings can be displayed for everything from low funding balances to expired NDIS Plan alerts to help you identify any issues before they become problems.

Client Goals Report, Client Goals Statistics Report

Achieving goals and outcomes is the foundation and focus of every NDIS Plan. SupportAbility supports you in defining strategies, assigning responsibilities and planning communication to help each participant reach their goals. Quickly generate reports and statistics to measure goal progress for individual participants and your service as a whole.

Case Note Reporting

Take the stress out of case note reporting. SupportAbility provides progress reports that showcase each client’s progress towards their goals to manage traction and ensure NDIS compliance. Review and assess the quality of the evidence submitted by each staff member using our complete management system.


Reporting FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

More FAQs

Yes. Many larger organisations require direct access to their raw SupportAbility data for the following reasons: the need to create custom reports using a business intelligence tool such as Tableau or Power BI dashboarding data warehousing purposes data mining and data analytics purposes To help organisations meet these requirements, we offer annual Data Replica subscriptions to access a MySQL slave replica of your SupportAbility installation data.

Yes.  SupportAbility provides a range of interactive graphical reports covering elements such as:

  • NDIS funding and budget utilisation
  • Client Assessment progress and trending over time analysis
  • Client primary disability type (organisation wide or by site)
  • % of new clients (organisation wide or by site)
  • Client gender distribution (organisation wide or by site)
  • Client ATSI distribution (organisation wide or by site)
  • Client age group distribution (organisation wide or by site)
  • Client country of birth distribution (organisation wide or by site)
  • Client areas of reside distribution (organisation wide or by site)
SupportAbility is designed to make audits quick and painless. SupportAbility stores detailed event and data change logs on all Staff activity as they use the system. We have functionality, and strategies to assist, to ensure there are clear evidence trails.
No. However… whilst we do not build custom reports for individual subscribers, we do have an additional subscription offering that allows providers to access the raw SQL data that underpins their SupportAbility installation. This allows your organisation to connect business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI and many others to your SupportAbility data for the purposes of creating and maintaining custom dashboards and reports.
SupportAbility provides a wide range of reports covering elements such as:
  • NDIS funding and budget utilisation
  • Analysis of NDIS Supports used for various services
  • Client service participation
  • Client warning reports for managing risk
  • Client behavioural incidents
  • Client goals progress reports
  • Document searches are designed to proactively manage document expiry as well as missing mandatory documentation for both Staff and Clients
  • Staff training
  • Staff availability
  • Staff contracted hours vs rostered hours
  • Staff privileges auditing
  • Activity & service delivery
  • Accident, incident and opportunity for improvements reporting
  • Client service delivery statements with budget information including remaining balance details