We offer a range of subscription sizes to suit your organisation

All subscriptions include

All future updates

Daily Secure Backups

Ongoing Support

Strategic implementation guidance

Unlimited document storage

Unlimited client records

Remote access via tablets

Access to all modules and features

Generate NDIS payment requests

Out-of-the-box finance integrations

Out-of-the-box payroll integrations

Privacy controls

Access to our knowledge base

On-demand training videos

Transform the way you manage client care.

Subscription FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

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Our subscriptions include unlimited access to support, as well as all modules and features.
Whether you have 500 staff or 25 staff, we don’t charge you more to access to the full power of SupportAbility.
Subscription brackets are based on the number of active staff required. An active staff member is anyone who needs to log in to SupportAbility. This may be for creating case notes, signing off on timesheets, or generating invoices. We do not charge different rates for ‘admin’ staff.
Create unlimited client records with each subscription.
In addition the the above, your subscription includes access all new features including comprehensive release notes when updates occur. Take advantage of our industry knowledge when changes are required to the Pricing Arrangements (Price Guides).

All SupportAbility subscriptions are annual and are paid for at the start of each subscription year.

Unlimited document storage is available to help you manage documents for client, staff and organisational policies and procedures with unlimited storage.


Upload documents, then apply privacy and expiry notifications as required.
Each SupportAbility subscription includes all features and modules included in the product. Unfortunately, subscription fees can not be reduced if your organisation chooses to only use a portion of what is available. 
The only services that are not included in the above, and may incur additional fees are:

Each SupportAbility subscription includes strategic guidance and support, from our Customer Success team throughout your implementation and beyond. Training is provided through our library of on-demand videos built into SupportAbility. These videos, as well as the strategic and ‘How-to’ information located in the SupportAbility Knowledge Base are designed to help you get the most value from your subscription. During implementation, our Customer Success team will arrange online meetings at key stages of the implementation project to meet with your internal project manager and guide them through the process.

Whilst SupportAbility can provide the great benefits for sole operators, the smallest subscription size we currently offer is for 30 staff.
SupportAbility has a host of on-demand training videos available in its in-built Learning Centre, along with help articles accessible via our ever-growing Knowledge Base allowing Staff the flexibility to learn in their preferred learning style and at their own pace. Staff can access these resources to engage in self-paced learning and can revise the material whenever they need it.

We find that this self-paced and on-demand learning environment, in combination with an internal discussion around your organisation’s processes, is what Staff require to understand SupportAbility and become proficient in its use.