Stay up to date with the latest NDIS changes

We live and breathe NDIS. 

With our incredible team of NDIS specialists, we focus 100% of our attention and efforts on making great NDIS software. 

Take the stress out of NDIS changes with a system that ensures you are always up to date and compliant.

Made for NDIS

We put NDIS providers first. With over 20 years of experience developing solutions for Australian disability providers, we know what our clients need. If you provide NDIS supports, SupportAbility is made for you.

NDIS Updates

NDIS Price Guide changes are our highest priority, so when new price guides are published and the rules change, we respond swiftly to ensure you remain compliant.

Regular Updates

The world of NDIS is constantly evolving and so are we. That’s why we regularly update SupportAbility with new releases every month to ensure compliance, enhance quality and deliver new features. Our release notes help you harness the benefits of every update.


We provide support for NDIS billing, incident tracking, goals and evidence management, and privacy barriers between intermediary and direct client services.

We proudly support the NDIS Practice Standards, as defined by the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework with a built-in system to capture audit-grade evidence. The NDIS Practice Standards are the benchmark for providing the highest quality of support and services for NDIS participants.

Privacy Barriers

Privacy is essential. Enforce privacy barriers between direct services, Support Coordination and Plan Management to ensure that you maintain compliance whilst avoiding conflicts of interest.  You can also limit privileges based on the roles and responsibilities of each staff member.

NDIS Bulk Payment Requests

Get paid on time, every time. Generate NDIS Bulk Payment Requests for the myplace provider portal in seconds. 

Verify NDIS Supports against the client’s NDIS Service Agreement to reduce claim rejections. SupportAbility can also import claim results from the portal to check on the status of each claim request.

NDIS Invoicing

At SupportAbility, we understand the complexities and compliance requirements of NDIS invoicing.

Integrate with finance systems such as MYOB and Xero for all your NDIS invoicing needs. Export invoices for Plan Managed and Self Managed clients that contain all the necessary compliance information. Do you have custom requirements? We can build a custom finance integration to meet your needs.

Plan Management

We make managing your invoicing simple. Enter invoices received from external service providers and convert them into Bulk Payment Requests. Then it’s as simple as exporting invoices to your finance system for payment processing. 

We also provide the ability to enforce privacy barriers between direct and Plan Management services to reduce conflict of interest. Make Plan Management simple with SupportAbility.

Alerts & Warnings

Keep your staff safe with prominent warnings to alert them of potential risks. Alerts and warnings can be displayed for everything from low funding balances to expired NDIS Plan alerts to help you identify any issues before they become problems.

Tracking Goals & Outcomes

Ensure that goals and outcomes are at the centre of the services you provide. SupportAbility can help you manage client goals by establishing strategies, recording regular evidence and performance assessments to track progress. Spend more time delivering quality care to your clients with our goal tracking tools.

NDIS Funding & Budgets

Create NDIS funding and budgets for clients using SupportAbility. Track budgets, expenditure, utilisations and balances with detailed statements and reports. View warnings and receive alerts to indicate when clients are running low on funds.

Plan Reviews

Take the pain out of NDIS Plan Reviews. SupportAbility includes a Plan Review feature to help establish a new NDIS funding record from a nominated point in time that contains everything you need. All services delivered after the nominated date, including the associated expenditure, are then reallocated to the new funding plan.


Make your data work for you. SupportAbility provides powerful search reporting tools to help leverage your data. With comprehensive filtering options that can be used to inform critical business decisions. Print client funding statements, goal progress reports and more.

Client Statements

Need a client statement? SupportAbility can generate a clear and comprehensive NDIS statement for your clients instantly. Provide details of their services, expenditure and remaining funding balances to make sure that you are providing optimal care.

Client Support Log

Collect digital signatures from clients, or their delegates, to record evidence and acceptance of NDIS supports delivered. Client support logs provide clear evidence trails designed to enhance NDIS compliance and simplify audits.


Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

More FAQs

The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) release periodic updates to the NDIS Price Arrangements (previously called Price Guides). 

Whenever an update to these Pricing Arrangements occurs, it is our highest priority to include this updated information in SupportAbility so that our providers can continue to provide the supports they deliver.

Yes. SupportAbility has comprehensive tools for establishing, tracking, managing and reporting on client budgets.

SupportAbility provides tools for managing Plan Reviews and for placing clients on Billing Hold. Budget warnings are raised when planning service delivery and holistic budget utilisation can be generated to understand the status of all clients’ budgets.

Yes. SupportAbility applies privacy barriers around case notes so that Direct Services cannot see the case notes recorded by intermediary services, such as Support Coordination and Plan Management, and vice versa.

Yes! SupportAbility provides flat file exports (CSV) for integration with the myplace provider portal. 


Upload the results of each claim to provide the perfect feedback loop and ensure a true representation of participant data between your finance system, the myplace provider portal and SupportAbility.


 Reduce the time you spend with claims with this integration.

Yes. All of the NDIS Practice Standards from the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework are available in SupportAbility and can be attached to many different records in SupportAbility to assist auditing outcomes.

Yes, staff with the required Finance admin privileges can generate a funding statements for clients. Each statement details the:
  • Statement Period
  • Funding Period
  • Summary of the budget, previous expenditure, statement period expenditure and remaining balance
  • Detailed breakdown of the services delivered including date, quantity, NDIS support, service delivery description, apportionment ratio, rate and total
No. The Remote and Very Remote Pricing Arrangements (Price Guides) are not available in SupportAbility. 


To accommodate the need for higher prices, providers of direct services have the option to create a custom price when adding NDIS Support Items to a Participants funding record. This option may be feasible if you only support a handful of participants in a remote or very remote capacity.


 However, if the majority of your participants require the use of the Remote and Very Remote Pricing Arrangements (Price Guides), this customisation would not be suitable.

Whist we have several subscribing NDIS service providers that utilise SupportAbility to deliver a portion of non-NDIS funded services such as TAC and Aged Care, this is not the core focus of our product. SupportAbility can generate invoices for these non-NDIS services, and even manage basic budgets and expenditure, however, we do not integrate with any non-NDIS government portals such as DEX or the My Aged Care service provider portal.