Establish a single source of truth.

SupportAbility recognises the importance of supporting collaboration whilst enforcing privacy. 

Share data across teams including contacts, funding and goals to guarantee that every client is receiving the best care. 

Enter case notes, record assessments and track progress all within a system that ensures privacy. 

Make sure that nothing is lost in communication again.

Tracking Goals & Outcomes

Ensure that goals and outcomes are at the centre of the services you provide.  SupportAbility can help you manage client goals by establishing strategies, recording regular evidence and performance assessments to track progress. Spend more time delivering quality care to your clients with our goal tracking tools.

Document management

Need help managing your documents? Upload and organise your policies and procedures, as well as client and staff documents with unlimited storage. Help identify gaps in compliance documentation such as missing or expired NDIS Worker Screening Checks.


Create quantitative client assessments with SupportAbility. Utilise graphs to identify trends over time and generate detailed progress maps that allow you to communicate with key stakeholders.

Case Notes

Track client goals by documenting regular evidence in the client journal. Categorise notes for ease of reporting and make sure any sensitive information is kept private. Delegate tasks and link notes to NDIS Practice Standards for auditing.

Funding & Statements

Generate clear and transparent NDIS statements with SupportAbility. Provide details of services, associated costs, support budgets as well as current utilisation information and remaining fund balances.

Client Schedules

Communicate clearly by viewing, printing or exporting client schedules which include information on the services and locations for participants.

Client Incidents & Incident Management

SupportAbility offers management tools that include escalations and notifications. Perform ISO31000 risk assessments, track injuries, damages as well as involved and informed parties. Conduct investigations to identify root causes and document opportunities for further improvement to reduce risk.

Establish a single source of truth

Our shared collaboration model is designed to ensure staff trust the information entered is accurate and up-to-date. Upload client photos to assist with correct record identification.

Google Maps Integration

Make delivering community service easy. Harness the power of Google Maps to calculate travel distance, directions and traffic information so you can get to your clients easier.

Support Needs

We know that support needs can change over time. Record information about your clients including their needs, goals and routines to ensure that you are always giving the highest quality of care. Share important information with relevant support staff to ensure quality and consistency of care.

Emergency & Billing Contacts

Create a personal contact register for each client to record family and friends in their circle of support.   Document a client’s support network, including the relationships with doctors, allied health professionals and other shared contacts.

Non-face-to-face, transport & travel

Make managing non-face-to-face support easy. With Provider Travel, Activity Based Transport, Report Writing and Programs of Support for any applicable services and supports you provide.

Clients FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

More FAQs

Yes. SupportAbility provides detailed utilisation information calculated using the Client’s service usage and costs against their NDIS support budgets over the duration of the funding period.  It identifies and provides warnings about potentially problematic spending patterns early in the plan period.

NDIS Funding Budget Utilisation

Absolutely! Client goals and goal Strategies form the critical foundation on which evidence can be gathered, tracked and reported on. As an NDIS specialist system, SupportAbility provides comprehensive goal management functionality that includes detailed progress tracking, assessments and reporting

SupportAbility implements a privacy barrier so that staff can only access the client records for clients who participate in the services at thesites where they work.
Due to the importance of recording client immunisations, particularly during the COVID pandemic where immunisations are now mandatory, the ability to add Immunisation records has been included in SupportAbility.
Yes, SupportAbility provides a suite of tools for managing client behavioural incidents and provides an accident incident register to assess risk (ISO31000), track injuries, perform investigations to identify contributing factors, collect documentation and identify opportunities for improvement.
Yes, staff with the required Finance admin privileges can generate a funding statements for clients. Each statement details the:
  • Statement Period
  • Funding Period
  • Summary of the budget, previous expenditure, statement period expenditure and remaining balance
  • Detailed breakdown of the services delivered including date, quantity, NDIS support, service delivery description, apportionment ratio, rate and total
SupportAbility does not include Client Portal functionality for NDIS participants and their families to log in and access or submit information.