Access important care information, from where ever you are!

Available on iOS and Android, the SupportAbility app is designed to empower your teams, with the tools they need to do their best work. 

With up-to-date rosters, staff can accurately record time using check in and out – with geolocation. Create shift notes and access critical client information. 

Never forget a note

Record evidence on-the-go to ensure essential notes and observations are captured in the moment, wherever your team may be!

Always be prepared

With access to critical Client information such as medical details, support needs, emergency contacts, and shift notes – frontline staff have everything they need to provide individualised quality care.

Keep on top of tasks

Assign to-do tasks to yourself or to your manager as a point of escalation. Keep track of incomplete tasks with due dates and dashboard notifications.

Capture participant attendance

Manage and track absenteeism and from wherever you are. Select the relevant Short Notice Cancellation Reason for applicable Supports.

Manage risk effectively

Manage and communicate potential risks with client warnings front and centre.

Know where you need to be and when

Track time with ease and accuracy. Check-in and out of each shift to accurately submit hours worked.

Ensure the safety of your clients and team with Geolocation

Use geolocation to record where staff checked in or out from to ensure compliance and provide proof of service delivery.

Record kilometres for reimbursement

Easily record private or company kilometres for approval by the relevant managers.

Mobile FAQs

Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

More FAQs

The SupportAbility app allows staff to check in and out from shifts. Check in and out times may be compared to the  rostered time for approval and acceptance by the relevant staff. 
Geolocation data can be captured and stored at the time of check in and check out. 

Yes, download the SupportAbility app using any smartphone! 

Need more information? Review our SupportAbility Mobile App overview article or contact us for a demonstration today! 

Yes! The SupportAbility app focuses on providing access to core functions required by support workers in the community. 

Some of those core functions are:

  • Visibility of rosters in real-time!
  • The ability to check in and out of shift with geolocation.
  • Record kilometres for reimbursement.
  • Record case notes and link to participant goals with assessments.
  • Assign or complete tasks.
  • View client information and contacts.
  • Manage participant absenteeism.