Does SupportAbility manage NDIS Plan Budgets?

Yes. SupportAbility has comprehensive tools for establishing, tracking, managing and reporting on client budgets. SupportAbility provides tools for managing Plan Reviews and for placing clients on Billing Hold. Budget warnings are raised when planning service delivery and holistic budget utilization can be generated to understand the status of all clients’ budgets.

Why are cloud-based systems superior to systems hosted internally?

The benefits of cloud based solutions include: Reducing: the total cost of ownership (TCO) of software the need for expensive in-house IT staff and expertise system downtime Whilst increasing: service availability service stability security system capacity service scalability quality mobility speed of updates

What web browsers do you support?

For the best results, we recommend using the Google Chrome web browser when accessing SupportAbility. SupportAbility also supports recent versions of the following major web browsers: Google Chrome 71+ (Highly recommended for all SupportAbility users) Firefox 18+ Microsoft Edge – 18+ Safari 12+ Safari (for iOS on iPad) – Latest version

What operating systems do you support?

SupportAbility is operating system agnostic and supports all operating systems. It is however important to ensure that a supported web browser is used.

Do you support mobile phones and tablets?

The SupportAbility web application can be used on tablet devices and mobile phones via most browsers. The specialised mobile application provides access to core functions required by support workers in the field.

How often are updates applied and managed?

SupportAbility’s Engineering Team follow the agile methodology and release upgrades for the product generally every 3-4 weeks. This means we’re able to respond to changes in the NDIS as well as increase the value and meet the needs of our diverse subscriber base. The great majority of upgrades are applied after hours and will not […]

How do subscriptions and pricing work?

Subscription brackets are based on the number of active staff required. An active staff member is anyone who needs to log in to SupportAbility. This may be for creating case notes, signing off on timesheets, or generating invoices. We do not charge different rates for ‘admin’ staff. Create unlimited client records with each subscription. In […]