Empower Staff with timely and accurate information.

Give staff the tools and information they need.

SupportAbility tracks and manages staff availability, leave and performs conflict detection to avoid double booking. 

Ensure your staff have up to date qualifications, certifications and immunisations.

Staff Case Notes

Record important HR information and notes for each member of your staff. Categorise notes for ease of reporting and make sure any sensitive information is kept private. Delegate tasks and link notes to NDIS Practice Standards all in one place.

Product Support

Our Customer Success team is here to make sure that you get the most value out of your subscription. SupportAbility provides unlimited email support to answer any of your questions. Learning resources are available in the form of videos and knowledge base articles, designed to help you every step of the way. Our team check in regularly with our providers, at any stage of their SupportAbility journey to ensure each organisation receives the support that is needed to achieve its goals.

> How is support managed?


Save time rostering. Guarantee staff availability with tools to manage standard working hours, leave and activity conflicts. Manage complex group activities with ease, replicate rosters and reduce administration overheads. Ensure shift coverage, set staff contract hours and monitor rostered hours all in one place. Make staffing simple with SupportAbility.

Time sheets

Create timesheets with ease. Export staff time and attendance data for simple integration with your payroll system. Allow staff to sign off at the completion of shifts and record their kilometres travelled for effortless payment and reimbursement processing.

Human Resources

Ensure that mandatory compliance documents such as NDIS Worker Screening Checks are all in place. 

Track staff immunisations, training, qualifications and get notified before they expire. Record key information such as rostering availability, emergency contacts, performance reviews and more in one easy to use management system.

Staff Availability & Leave Management

Manage the rostering availability for your staff. Set standard rostering availability for each staff member, monitor leave and manage overtime. Any potential availability conflicts are automatically highlighted when building rosters to ensure there are no gaps in care.

Training, Qualifications & Staff Reviews

We understand just how important professional development is for any business. Record staff training, qualifications and certifications all within one management system. Conduct performance reviews to ensure quality of service and maintain key information with simple tools for attaching documentation and evidence.

Learning Centre

Its our mission to support all our SupportAbility users to achieve success. That’s why we’ve recorded a wide variety of on-demand video tutorials which can be accessed at any time in our Learning Centre. This is complemented by our Knowledge Base which provides access to a range of articles to ensure you get the most out of your subscription.

Access & Privileges

Make sure your staff have access to the information they need and nothing more. SupportAbility allows you to limit access to records and information by assigning each staff member individual privileges. You can also allow temporary access that automatically expires to ensure that information remains protected.

Password Security

Security is at the forefront of everything we do here at SupportAbility. Ensure that your data is always secure with comprehensive password policy controls. Configure and enforce minimum password strength requirements for all staff to guarantee security.

Secure Backups

Have confidence in the security of your data with quality assured and integrity tested backups. SupportAbility is backed up every night in a secure location within Australia where it can be accessed at any time for disaster recovery purposes. Each nightly backup is retained for 30 days so you can be assured that your data is in safe hands.


Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

More FAQs

Yes. SupportAbility can be used to provision tailored privileges for staff. Privileges can be provisioned for each site and service were a staff member works, or globally, across the organisation as a whole.
Yes. A list of mandatory document requirements can be configured for each service your organisation delivers for both clients that participate in and staff that work in those services. For example, an accommodation service may require that all clients must have an NDIS plan and a service agreement document attached to their record and all staff must have an NDIS Worker Screening Check in place. SupportAbility will display warnings on client and staff records if mandatory documents are not in place. Furthermore, reports can be generated to identify all missing mandatory client and staff documents across the entire organisation to identify gaps in documentation and ensure compliance.


Whether you have 500 staff or 25 staff, we don’t charge you more to access to the full power of SupportAbility.

Subscription brackets are based on the number of active staff required. An active staff member is anyone who needs to log in to SupportAbility. This may be for creating case notes, signing off on timesheets, or generating invoices. We do not charge different rates for ‘admin’ staff.

Create unlimited client records with each subscription.

In addition the the above, your subscription includes access all new features including comprehensive release notes when updates occur. Take advantage of our industry knowledge when changes are required to the Pricing Arrangements (Price Guides).

The SupportAbility web application can be used on tablet devices and mobile phones via most browsers. The specialised mobile application provides access to core functions required by support workers in the field.
Yes. Staff can submit leave requests for team leader approval. Leave requests are used in combination with a staff member’s standard working hours to inform their availability for the purposes of rostering.
Due to the importance of recording Client Immunisations, particularly during the COVID pandemic where immunisations are now mandatory, the ability to add Immunisation records has been included in SupportAbility.