Web App 8.5.0


The recent upgrade to SupportAbility v8.4 required all users to enter the Shared Username and Password when they first logged in following this update.

We do apologise that advance notice of this requirement was not provided and for any issues that this caused your organisation the morning after the release. This event allowed our team to reflect, in detail, on the efficacy of this initial log-in step.

The Shared Security requirement was put in place many years ago to stop the server from responding to unnecessary traffic.

As part of the security enhancements introduced as part of our ISO27001 certification, a Web Application Firewall was introduced to reject web page requests that look suspicious.

Rate limiting was also introduced to block suspicious high-volume traffic during a short period of time.

These and other security measures mean that the shared security mechanism is now redundant.

Therefore, the Shared Security log-in requirement has been removed in this upgrade and is no longer required when logging into SupportAbility. 


When an Unavailable Leave Exception is being approved, or a Staff Member is made inactive, a new option is now available to update the shifts the Staff Member is rostered into to ‘TO BE FILLED’ as required. 

A note can be added as part of this process, which is appended to the ‘Non-Replicating Staff Notes’ field in each Activity, with shifts updated to TO BE FILLED  upon confirmation.


A new setting is available in the Human Resources tab of the Staff Account called Not Available To Roster.

This new setting would be suitable for staff who do not provide direct service delivery to Clients, e.g. managers, HR, finance or administration personnel.

When set, it hides the individual from appearing in the list of available or suggested Staff when rostering or replacing someone on leave. 

This also results in the following amber message appearing in the Availability tab of the Staff Account and in My Staff Account: Not Available To Roster has been configured in the Human Resources tab.