Web App 8.4.0 and Mobile App 1.4.0


Staggered release

Due to the volume of changes in the upgrade to v.8.4, this update will have a staggered release commencing Tuesday evening, 27th of February 2024.

This means that v8.4 will be applied to each provider’s SupportAbility installation over a two-week period until all installations have been updated to the latest version.

As always, if you have any questions or encounter any technical issues associated with this upgrade, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at support@supportability.com.au for assistance.


Infrastructure upgrades

The infrastructure, core programming languages, and software libraries that underpin all SupportAbility installations have all been upgraded for added security and efficiency.

While these changes will likely go unnoticed by Staff Members, this is essential for future product enhancements, as outlined in the recently updated SupportAbility Roadmap article.


SupportAbility Web App interface update

We are excited to announce that the SupportAbility Web App has had a much-needed makeover in this release.

The updated design of the SupportAbility Web App interface is focused on providing Staff Members with a modern and cleaner user experience.

By lightening the background and reducing the use of bold colours, screens previously susceptible to being cluttered with colour (e.g. Dashboard Notifications) have been updated, resulting in items that require attention standing out more.

It is important to note that this update will not change all areas of the SupportAbility Web App visually, including but not limited to:

  • the Warning bar in Client records and Activities,

  • Bookmarks,

  • pop-up windows, etc.

These items will be updated to align with the modernised interface over time.

The screenshots and screens used in our learning material will continue to use the previous background colour and will also be updated over time.


Client Incident Tags

A new Tag cloud has been introduced, allowing providers to create Client Incident Tags in the ‘Tags’ tab in System Preferences.

Once created, Staff will be able to add the relevant Tag/s to the Client Incident record as required.

Tags can then be used as a search criteria when choosing which Client Incidents to include in the Client Incident Report, accessible from the print menu in the Client record or from the ‘Clients’ section of the Reports menu.


Staff can now log out from the PIN screen in the SupportAbility Mobile App if required.


Fixed an issue to ensure the ‘Number of Days Advance Notice’ is working correctly in relation to the Activity Schedule Dashboard Portal.


Fixed an issue in the ‘Availability’ tab in My Staff Account resulting in Standard Availability hours being displayed.


Fixed an issue to ensure the Document Preview button is working as expected on Chrome mobile when the SupportAbility Web App was being viewed in Desktop mode.