Web App 8.3.0 and Mobile App 1.3.0


Client Goals and Goal Strategies can now be linked to Journals in the SupportAbility Mobile App

We are pleased to announce that once a Client Journal has been added and saved in the SupportAbility Mobile App, a new ‘Goals’ tab will appear, allowing you to link the relevant Client Goals and Goal Strategies to the Client Journal.

Any available Strategy Tasks can be viewed when linking a Goal Strategy to a Client Journal. Notes related to the linked Client Goal or Goal Strategy can be added, along with a Goal Progress Assessment Score where required.

When viewing historic Client Journals, the Goals tab is available to view linked Client Goals or Goal Strategies, the associated notes and Goal Progress Assessment Scores.

We recommend reviewing this section of the SupportAbility Mobile App – overview article for more information about this new functionality.


The 2023/24 NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits v1.2 update has been added to SupportAbility.

This includes the addition of seven new Provider Travel Non-Labour Cost Support Items and the removal of sixteen Legacy Support Items.

Please see the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limit Updates – 2023/24 article for more information.


Updates to the NDIS Service Breakdown Report

A few minor changes have been made to the layout of this report, introducing drop-down selectors to choose the relevant Sites and Services.

The layout and format of the search results have also been updated.

A bug fix has been applied to address an issue where some Category 1 Support Items appeared in duplicate at the bottom of the report after the latest upgrade to SupportAbility 8.2.0.

Category 1 Support Items will now only appear under the new PACE Category 16 when they are associated with PACE Funding records.


The text field for Actions in Client Journals and Client Incidents has been expanded.


Updates have been applied to the Incomplete Actions Dashboard Portals for both Client Journals and Client Incidents.

An ellipsis is now displayed after 200 characters to click through for more information.


Advanced notice of an upcoming update in Feb 2024

The background colour of the SupportAbility Web App will be updated to a lighter colour, along with some other minor aesthetic design changes to modernise this.

Prior to this upgrade, communications will be sent about this, and a notification message will be added to the Web App to preview this change.