Web App 8.2.0 and Mobile App 1.2.0


Several enhancements have been released in SupportAbility v8.2 designed to help providers manage their Clients’ NDIS Funding while their NDIS plans gradually transition to the new ‘my NDIS provider portal’ – PACE.

These enhancements include: 

  • An additional ‘PACE’ setting for new NDIS Client Funding records – once a participant’s NDIS Plan has been transitioned to the new portal, a new NDIS Funding record must be created in SupportAbility to select this new setting.
    Once selected, the new Support Categories can be added as needed, and Support Items are mapped to the correct Support Category accordingly.
    For example, the Assistance in Supported Independent Living Support Item 01_801_0115_1_1 that used to belong to Category 1 is now part of the new Support Category 16, Home and Living.

  • Addition of the new Support Categories – in PACE Client Funding records, NDIS Support Allocations, Budget Utilisation, reports, etc.

  • Mapping of the relevant Support Items to the new Support Categories – as above.

  • ‘PACE’ option in the Generate Direct Bulk Payment Request (BPR) search criteria – this allows your organisation to create separate BPRs related to PACE Funding as required, given there may be longer processing times for any claims awaiting verification based on your organisation’s ‘my provider’ status.

  • Addition of ‘Open’ Claim Status in BPRs – for any claims awaiting verification.

  • Enhanced ability to upload a subsequent Bulk Payment Result File (BPRF) – to update the Claim Status of any ‘Open’ claims.

  • Various updates to reports and exports

We recommend reviewing the brand-new article below for more details and examples of the above changes:

– This functionality has been developed based on the public information made available by the NDIA in the lead-up to the start of the rollout (i.e. 30th October 2023). However, we acknowledge that due to the complexities involved in such large-scale change that the NDIS is undergoing, there may be additional considerations that need to be reviewed once participants’ NDIS plans start to transition.

With this in mind, we are keen to hear from providers as they start to navigate their way through this process. This feedback will help to inform any further enhancements that may be required in SupportAbility to help manage this transition more effectively.


Swipe gestures have been introduced in the SupportAbility Mobile App to update Journal Actions.

Please see the Swipe gestures to complete Journal Actions section of the SupportAbility Mobile App overview article for more information.


When searching for NDIS Supports in the NDIS Support Allocations window in the Activity record, the search results have been updated to list the available Support Items for the Client first, ahead of unavailable Support Items.


Confirmation of your current password is now required when Reset Password is selected in ‘My Staff Account’.

N.B. If you have forgotten your password, it is recommended to log out and select the ‘Forgot Your Password?’ link to reset this.