Web App 8.1.0 and Mobile App 1.1.0


Update to the minimum supported web browser versions required to run SupportAbility optimally:

  • Chrome – 100 (April 2022)
  • Microsoft Edge – 102 (May 2022)
  • Firefox – 102 (June 2022)
  • Safari – 15 (September 2021)
  • Safari (for iOS on iPad) – 15 (September 2021)

Please see the Supported web browsers and troubleshooting browser-related issues article for more information.


When a staff member has changed their password in ‘My Staff Account’ in the SupportAbility Web App, an email is now sent to their work email address advising of this change as an added security measure.


‘Registered to Vote’– Yes/No has been added to the end of the ‘Client List’ and ‘Client List including Personal Contacts’ exports.

These exports are available to download from the Actions menu in the Client Search list results.


A Client’s Support Needs are now available to view in the Status tab of the Client record on the SupportAbility Mobile App.


A Client information summary is now available to view in the Activity Clients tab on the SupportAbility Mobile App.

This summary can be viewed by selecting the Client’s name, allowing you to open the full Client record as needed.

Please see the Client information summary from the Activity Clients tab section of the SupportAbility Mobile App overview article for more information.

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