SupportAbility Web App v8.7


The 2024/25 NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits – effective 1 July 2024, has been added to SupportAbility and is now in use in Activities & External Invoices for services delivered on or after July 1st, 2024, that are not Signed Off.

N.B. The only exception to this is where a Client’s Price Guide Transition settings are configured not to utilise the latest Price Guide in Activities.

Summary of changes

  • 15 Support Items have been added

    • 03_091800084_0103_1_1 – Continence – bowel care

    • 03_093040085_0103_1_1 – Continence – bed/chair/floor protection

    • 03_093021079_0103_1_1 – Continence – disposable personal protection

    • 03_093021078_0103_1_1 – Continence – reusable/washable personal protection

    • 03_092700083_0103_1_1 – Continence – urinary collection items and accessories

    • 03_092700081_0103_1_1 – Continence – drain/leg bags

    • 03_092400080_0103_1_1 – Continence – catheters/sheaths

    • 03_092100082_0103_1_1 – Continence – consumables

    • 06_182495414_0111_2_2 – MHM – Cabinetry Alterations

    • 06_182495413_0111_2_2 – MHM – Toilet Replacement

    • 10_806_0133_5_1 – Supports in Employment – Weekday Daytime

    • 10_101_0106_6_3 – Psychosocial Recovery Coaching – Weekday Daytime

    • 10_002_0106_8_3 – Support Coordination Level 2: Coordination of Supports

    • 15_799_0106_1_3 – Provider travel – non-labour costs

    • 15_300_0103_1_3 – Assistive Technology Mentoring


  • 316 Support Items have been removed 

    • This includes the TTP Support Items and Legacy Transitional Approach Group Support Items


  • 179 Support Items have had a price increase 

  • 5 Support Items have been changed to Notional Unit Price Support Item with the price of $1 to align with the Notional Unit Price

    • 01_050_0115_1_1 – Assistance With Daily Life Tasks Provided In Residential Aged Care Facility

    • 03_050903053_0103_1_1 – Incontinence Alarms

    • 03_710400002_0103_1_1 – Disability-Related Health Equipment and Consumables – Set Up/Training

    • 05_501224309_0105_1_2 – Tyre – Wheeled mobility

    • 06_182499311_0111_2_2 – HM – Design Consultation with Builder


  • 1 Support Item has a changed name

  • 26 Support Items are now Legacy


Please see the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limit Updates – 2024/25 article for more information regarding this and for all future updates.


The Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) ended on July 1, 2024, and providers can no longer claim the TTP loading for services delivered on or after this date.

When TTP is still configured to ‘Activated’ in System Preferences, the subsequent ‘Activate TTP for new NDIS Direct Client Funding records’ setting has been turned off as TTP is no longer valid.

It is recommended that providers using TTP ensure that all Activities for services delivered up to June 30, 2024, are Signed Off before manually deactivating TTP in System Preferences.

Deactivating TTP in System Preferences is required so that:

  • all TTP NDIS Support Allocations in Activities that are not Signed Off are automatically updated to the non-TTP equivalent, and

  • TTP Supports can no longer be used.

Once deactivated, your organisation will continue to be able to invoice/claim for any TTP Supports included in Signed Off Activities.

Similarly, it is recommended that providers do not Sign Off Activities for services delivered from the 1st of July, 2024, until your organisation deactivates TTP in System Preferences to ensure TTP Support Items are updated to the non-TTP equivalent and can no longer be used.

Important – if TTP is not deactivated in System Preferences and TTP Support Items are allocated in Activities after July 1st, 2024, these Allocations will not be removed upon Activity Sign Off, and it will be possible to allocate these Supports and invoice/claim for them, which will result in errors and unpaid invoices. 

Therefore, it is critical that providers who utilise TTP and have TTP Support Items Allocated in Activities after July 1st, 2024, deactivate TTP in System Preferences as soon as all of the Activities up to June 30th, 2024, are Signed Off. 

Please see the instructions below about how to deactivate TTP in System Preferences, or please contact the Customer Success team if you need any assistance with this. 

Please see this section of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limit Updates – 2024/25 article about how to deactivate TTP.


Client Funding Statements can now be generated in bulk from the Actions menu of the Client Funding Search and emailed to participants or their Primary or Billing Contact for the required reporting period. 

This has been designed to assist providers who issue monthly statements to participants so they can be generated based on the required parameters and used with a mail merge for bulk emailing.

Please see the How to Generate Bulk Client Funding Statements article for more information regarding this new feature.


Kms Totals have been added at the bottom of the Activity Staff section in the ‘Recorded’ and ‘Finalised’ columns, as well as ‘Rostered’.


‘Funding Notes’ have been added to the Client Funding Search and Bulk Statements export.


The following Support Item was incorrectly made apportionable in SupportAbility and has now been corrected:

  • 04_210_0125_6_1 – 0004: Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation Community Social And Recreational Activities

It is important to note if your organisation uses this Support Item and this had been apportioned to a ratio greater than 1:1 with a Custom Price, we recommend you use the Allocations Report to check this in Activities that are not Signed Off to ensure the correct price is used as this will revert to the non-apportioned price.