Enhancements to the way that Direct Bulk Payment Requests (BPRs) are processed and managed have been included in this upgrade.
When a BPR is generated, Allocations initially have ‘No Claim Status’. The Claim Status of these Allocations can be updated either:
  • automatically in bulk, with the click of a button by Uploading the Bulk Payment Results File (BPRF) downloaded from the myplace provider portal to align both systems (highly recommended as this feature has been developed to simplify finance reconciliation), or
  • manually by selecting a Manual Claim Status of either Accepted (successful) or Rejected (error), only if required.
Following this, Accepted Allocations will be included automatically when a Direct Invoice Batch is generated and do not need to be selected beforehand.
Any Rejected Allocations can be processed by choosing to either Retry or Cancel these.
The Totals section of the BPR has been updated to display the total values according to the relevant Claim Status and the included Allocations can be filtered based on this as required.
Notes can now be added to selected Allocations in bulk from the Bulk Actions menu, or individually as required. This is handy to document the processing status of Rejected Allocations, for example.
We recommend that those involved in generating & processing BPRs review the linked articles above as they contain new videos regarding this new functionality.
As part of this upgrade, only Accepted Allocations can now be included in Direct Invoice Batches to ensure accuracy between SupportAbility, the myplace provider portal and your organisation’s finance system. This aims to greatly simplify the reconciliation process for Agency Managed Supports and make it much more efficient.
The option to configure your organisation’s preferred invoice Format for NDIA Invoices is now available in the Funding tab in System Preferences.
By default, the invoice format is ‘Separate’ per Client, or Client Funding record, as has always been the case. However, a new option is available to use a ‘Combined’ invoice format as required.
When the Combined option is configured, a single combined Invoice is created for each Direct Invoice Batch generated from a BPR. This combined Invoice is designed to mimic the Recipient Created Tax Invoice (RCTI) created by the Agency.
N.B. This format is not suitable for all finance systems, please see the linked article below for more information regarding this.
Please see the Format for NDIA Invoices article for more information regarding this new invoice format option.
We are pleased to introduce a powerful new Allocations Report which has been designed and prioritised based on provider feedback.
This new report is available from the Finance menu and provides much-needed visibility across NDIS service data, which can be queried in many different ways.
Please see the Allocations Report article for more information regarding this new report.
A new ABN field is now available in all Contact records specifically for organisation’s who deliver Plan Management Services so that this information can be recorded for NDIS Service Providers as required.
This is in anticipation of an NDIS update announced in a recent Provider Newsletter expected on the 25th of October, 2020, where Plan Managers are required to include the Australian Business Number (ABN) of providers when paying for services.
Please note, ABN is not yet being included in Plan Managed BPRs as the BPR specifications are yet to be updated. More will be announced regarding this in due course.
The NDIS Support Allocations window in the Activity record has been updated to include two new columns for Staff Members with the ‘View Financial Information’ privilege:
  • BPR Status – includes the latest Claim Status and a link to the BPR
  • Invoicing – includes the FPM and a link to the Invoice preview and Invoice Batch
The new category ‘Claiming’ has been added to NDIS Direct Client Funding Utilisation, specifically for Agency Managed Supports.
Expenditure moves from ‘Planned’ to ‘Claiming’ following the Activity Sign Off being complete to indicate the Allocations are in the BPR claiming process.
This expenditure moves to ‘Used’ once Allocations are Accepted and is removed altogether when Rejected Allocations are Cancelled.
The Client Funding Statement for NDIS Direct Client Funding records now includes a ‘Claim in progress‘ message for Allocations associated with Agency Managed Supports in the Detail section of this report where relevant.
This is displayed when Allocations have been included in the BPR claiming process but are not yet finalised (used) as these funds have not yet been deducted from the participant’s plan.
A new ‘Claim in Progress’ (Y/N) column has been added to the Client Funding Statement export to also reflect this.
Updates to the description field in MYOB v19 & 2020, Xero and Zed Axis Direct Invoice Batch exports
  • Addition of Activity ‘To Date’ and ‘Time’ e.g. 16/10/2020 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM. N.B. ‘To Date’ is only displayed when different to ‘From Date’
  • ‘Cancelled’ Claim Type updated to ‘Short Notice Cancellation’
  • ‘Cancellation Reason’ updated to ‘Short Notice Cancellation Reason’
Additional update to the description field for MYOB v19 & 2020 Direct Invoice Batch exports, Unit Price is now included:
  • e.g. D-34-2975 : Caileigh Radek : 439547865 : 07/10/2020 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM – Exercise Physiology : Standard Service : 1.00 x 12_027_0126_3_3 : $166.99 : Exercise Physiology
A new column has been introduced in the Zed Axis export after ‘DateOfService’ called ‘DateOfServiceEnd’ using the following format: DD/MM/YYYY H:mm AM|PM
  • e.g. 28/10/2020 7:00 am
To align with the language used in the 2020/21 NDIS Price Guide, the name of the ‘Cancelled’ Claim Type has been updated to ‘Short Notice Cancellation‘.
This name change has been applied to all applicable places in SupportAbility e.g. the Activity record, Activity Clients Report, Invoice Batch exports etc.
Updates to the Organisational Accident Incident Register (AIR):
  • Incident ID is now included in addition to the name of the Incident in the link to this where relevant on the Dashboard
  • Incident ID has also been added as a new search criterion in the AIR ‘Incident Search’ available from the Reports menu
Updates to the ‘User Details’ tab in Staff Account records:
  • ‘Work Email Address’ has been updated to ‘Staff Account Email Address
  • An amber warning is now displayed when no Staff Account Email Address has been entered: ‘Staff Account Email Address is required for Staff to reset their password via the Forgot Your Password link’
Updates to the ‘User Details’ tab of My Staff Account
  • To avoid potential trouble logging in issues Staff Members can no longer change their First Name or Last Name, Staff Account Email Address or Username
  • This information must be entered and/or updated in the User Details tab of the relevant Staff Account by those with the required privileges

Bug fix to ensure that Incomplete Staff Record warnings appear correctly when Compulsory Documents have not been added.


Update to the ‘Find Incomplete Client Records’ search report to ensure that Client’s with no information entered in the Client Service Participation section of the Client Details tab appear in the search results when the ‘Incomplete: Services’ search criterion is selected.

Issue resolved when adding a new ‘Injured Party‘ to an Organisational Accident Incident (AIR) ‘Incident’ record.
Selecting either a Client or Staff Member now adds these individuals directly to the record as expected. 
Update to ensure the following finance reports are printing in the correct landscape orientation: 
  • Available Client Funding Report
  • NDIS Service Breakdown Report