NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings are now displayed in Activity records to alert Staff Members when NDIS Support Allocations are associated with NDIS Support Budgets that have less than 5% remaining, as well as if the associated Budget has been over utilised.
Similarly, Budget Utilisation Warnings also appear in NDIS Direct Client Funding records. Budgets can be configured to ‘Hide Utilisation Warnings’ in Activities, if required, from the NDIS Direct Client Funding record. In the case of a $0 Budget, Utilisation Warnings are not displayed.
Utilisation Warnings appear when less than 5% of the Budget remains by default, however, this is a configurable option in System Preferences if a more advanced warning or another percentage is preferred. Configuring this to 0% will ensure that only Budget over utilised warnings will appear.
Please see the NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings article for more information regarding this.
The Learning Centre Summary page has been updated to include a new navigation tree that lists each of the videos grouped by the tab, section and subsection they are located in.
A link to each video is available that opens up and plays in the relevant section/subsection when selected.
Please see the Introduction to the Learning Centre article for more information.

This release includes a change in the appearance of some icons and checkboxes in SupportAbility due to a system upgrade.

When Replication Management Settings are on in an Activity, updates to future Activities in the set are no longer applied when:
  • An Activity Sign Off is removed
  • A Client Support Log is removed, or
  • When a Signed Off Activity is saved
Additional columns have been added to the end of the Activity Staff Report export to indicate if there is a Staff Clash and the end of the Activity Clients Report export to indicate if there is a Client Conflict.
N.B. These columns will be blank if the Activity Sign Off has been performed.

Recommended learning content has been mapped in the Help feature for the Reports menu of SupportAbility

Several updates regarding Client Conflicts and Staff Clashes in Activities have been released, including:
  • A fix to address issues with duplicate Client Conflicts being displayed
  • A fix to address an issue when creating new Activities, causing both Staff Clashes and Client Conflicts to not be displayed
  • Given Client Conflicts and Staff Clashes serve as a warning before an Activity has been finalised, they are now hidden from view in the Activity record and related reports following the Activity Sign Off being performed