Providers have the ability to limit who can see NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings in Activities, if required, by restricting visibility to Staff with the required Privileges to manage Activities. This is achieved by configuring the ‘Hide Utilisation Warnings for Staff Who Do Not Have Privileges to Manage Activities’ global setting in System Preferences.
Please see the ‘Hide Utilisation Warnings for Staff who do not have Privileges to manage Activities‘ section of the NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings article for more information.
Updates to the ‘2021/22 – July 1st’ NDIS Price Guide were released with the upgrade to SupportAbility v7.13.6 on Monday evening the 23rd of August, 2021.
Please see this section of the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limit Updates – 2021/22 article for more information regarding this.