A new ‘Client Goal Strategy Search’ is now available from the Reports menu. This search allows Staff Members to search for Client Goal Strategies as added to Client Goal records via a range of search criteria.
It is useful to track Goal Strategy progress and to identify Goal Strategies that have not been linked to any Client Journal evidence ahead of the Target End Date period, for example.
A detailed export is also available to download from the Actions menu, which contains information pertaining to the Client Goal in addition to the Goal Strategies.
For more information regarding this please review the Client Goal Strategy Search article.
A new ‘Group Supports’ filter is now available when generating Direct Invoice Batches.
Providers who deliver Community and Centre Based Group Supports can use this new filter to exclude New Approach Supports when generating Direct Invoice Batches once transitioned to the New Approach.
This can be used until all Transitional Support Allocations have been claimed & invoiced, and your organisation is ready to commence claiming & invoicing for Supports associated with the New Approach.
We recommend providers who deliver Community and Centre Based Group Supports review this article for important information regarding transitioning to the New Approach.
Additional ‘Portion’ options are now available for Supports that require apportioning in Client NDIS Support Allocations in Activities:
  • 1:9
  • 1:10
  • 2:3
  • 2:5
  • 3:5
Please see the Apportioning the Price of the required Group Supports article for more information.
The following three downloads have been removed from the Actions menu in the Client List:
  • NDIS NGO Data Collection for Client List
  • DHHS NDIS Data Collection for Client List
  • MDS Data for Client List
These exports were designed specifically to assist with the required templates for providers when transitioning to the NDIS many years ago, however, they are now redundant hence being removed.

Leave exceptions in the Availability tab of ‘My Staff Account’ and ‘Staff Account’ records are now ordered by most recent order, including when a new leave exception is added.