Updates to the Staff Hours Report are now available:
  • a new search criterion option of ‘Employment/Volunteer Type’ has been added
  • the list results have been reordered, and
  • a new ‘Export Detailed Report’ feature is now available
Please see this section of the Staff Hours Report article for more information.
The Activity Staff section of the Activity record has been rebuilt and some changes may be noticed.
Specifically, slight styling changes have been made to the Staff section of the Activity record, the Change Activity Staff modal and the Warnings bar at the top of the record. The day of the week is now also displayed when Staff shifts are customised. 
Once a Client Search has been generated, the Client List search results can be exported from the Actions menu. Updates have been made to these exports.
Two new exports are available for the purpose of communication with different audiences i.e. Primary Contacts and Billing Contacts. 
Please see this section of the new ‘Client Search’ article for more information. 
It is important to note that the last three downloads in the list will be decommissioned in an upcoming upgrade, as they were designed to assist providers with the required templates when transitioning to the NDIS. 
A new modal now appears when adding Site and Service access to Staff Accounts.
Information messages are now also displayed when ‘Administration ALL SERVICES’ is selected, explaining that this selection grants access to all Services at that Site, as well as to any specialist Services i.e. Support Coordination or Plan Management (when these Services are available at the chosen Site) e.g. Grants access to all Services available from this Site and includes Plan Management and Support Coordination
Please see this section of the Creating a Staff Account article for more information.

The selected Funding Source in Activities now appears with a hyperlink to the Client’s Funding record for Staff with the required privileges to access this.