The upgrade to SupportAbility v7.28 introduces some layout changes to the Staff section of the Activity record ahead of the upcoming release of the SupportAbility Mobile App later this year. It is important to note that no changes have been made to the existing functionality, only the design. These changes include:

  • Edit Staff button – a new ‘Edit Staff’ button has replaced the previous ‘Change’ button to edit the Staff Member in the shift to better align with other areas of SupportAbility.
  • Working-From-To-Time – now displays the day of the week with three letters, e.g. Tue. The time of the Staff shift is now always displayed, regardless of whether or not the shift has been customised.
  • Availability Issues – are now displayed as a red inline warning message, when applicable, under the Staff Member’s name instead of as a ‘Clash’. This message can be selected to view the detail of the Availability Warning as required.
  • Kilometers – the fields for Private and Company have moved and are now displayed further to the left. The Company Kilometers field is now always displayed, whereas this was previously hidden by default and was only accessible when the ‘Non-NDIS Chargeable Hrs’ section was expanded.
  • Non-NDIS Chargeable Hrs – now includes a sub-total for each Client to display the total number of hours entered for each Client. N.B. this relates to Non-NDIS Billing only and specifically to providers that use the Non-NDIS Rate Card functionality.
  • Totals – the Totals row in the Staff section has been updated to encompass one row instead of two. The Totals for Kilometers and Non-NDIS Chargeable Hrs now appear in their respective columns.
  • To Be Filled – a minor change has been made to the layout of these shifts, i.e. the colour displayed to reflect the ‘To Be Filled’ status has been minimised. 

All Transitional Community and Centre Based Group NDIS Support Allocations now display a blue message regarding their valid until date, i.e. Valid until June 30th, 2023.

For providers that utilise these Supports but are yet to have transitioned to the New Approach, we recommend reviewing the following guide designed to assist with this:

Additional ‘Portion‘ options are now available for Supports that require apportioning in Client NDIS Support Allocations in Activities:
  • 2:9
  • 3:4
Please see the Apportioning the Price of the required Group Supports article for more information.