Fix to ensure the Client Incident Report is accessible to all users in the Print menu of a Client record.


Fix to ensure the correct end date for Legacy Supports is displayed in NDIS Support Allocations as per the NDIS Support Catalogue.


Updates to the ‘Financials’ section of the Shared Contact record.

To better explain its function, the wording of the ‘Financial Plan Manager’ setting has been updated to ‘Debtor for Non-NDIS Invoices’.

Any Shared Contacts with this setting ticked are available to select from as the ‘Debtor for Invoices’ when adding or updating Non-NDIS Client Funding records.

The Shared Contacts Search has also been updated to reflect this.


Additional Portions are now available to select from for the relevant NDIS Support Allocations:

  • 2:7
  • 3:7
  • 3:8

When adding Client Assessments, Client Assessment Scores can now be cleared if the wrong value is selected.

This is achieved by selecting the new cross icon on the right-hand side of the Assessment Scores.


New additions to the Allocations Report.

Two new search criteria have been added to the Client Supports section of this report – ‘Absent’ and ‘No Charge’.

This data has always been included in the Allocations Report export and is now available as additional search criteria.

  • Absent – allows you to search for Allocations associated with Clients who have been marked as ‘Absent’ in Activities or those who are ‘Not Absent’
  • No Charge – allows you to search for Allocations associated with Clients who have been marked as ‘No Charge’, or those who have not by selecting ‘Charge’

There are many use cases for these new search criteria. These new options can be used together or independently, allowing you to search for or omit Allocations by each status.

For example, if you only want to report on billable Allocations, selecting ‘Charge’ will ensure the results returned do not include any Allocations for Clients marked as ‘No Charge’ in the Activity.

Please see the Allocations Report article for more information.


The Add Direct Client Funding process has been updated and now includes an additional step in order to add the record:

  • ‘Default Financial Plan Manager’ is now required for NDIS Funding records
  • ‘Debtor for Invoices’ is now required for Non-NDIS Funding records

For more information, please see the new How to add a Direct Client Funding record article.


New additions to the Document Search.

Documents for a specific Client or Staff Member can now be located using the new single select search criteria.

For example, to review all of the NDIS Plans uploaded over time for our Client Tim, select Tim using the new Client search criterion and the relevant Document Type to achieve this.

Please see the Document Search article for more information.