A new filter ‘MFA Status’ has been added to the Staff Account Search, viewable by Staff with access to this search and the ‘Edit User Accounts’ privilege. MFA Status has been added to the end of the Staff Accounts Search export also.

Please see the Staff Accounts Search article for more information.


The ‘Current Date‘ has been removed from the header row in SupportAbility to minimise the data displayed here.

The Funding [Budget] Utilisation Warnings settings have been moved from the Settings tab to the Funding tab in System Preferences.
Please see the NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings article for more information.

A ‘Return to Finance’ button has been reintroduced on the Direct Invoice Batch List page.

Additional data has been added to the end of a number of exports:
  • Activity ID has been added to the Detailed Time Sheet Batch export
  • Client ID has been added to the Activity Client Report export
  • Funding Record Creation Date has been added to the Client Funding Search and NDIS Budget Utilisation Report exports

More than one Invoice Batch can no longer be generated at the same time to avoid duplicate Invoice Numbers e.g. in the case where multiple Staff are generating batches, or when this process is being run in multiple tabs.

If another user is currently in the process of generating a Direct Invoice Batch, a red validation message is now displayed at the top of the screen and it will not be possible to generate the batch at the same time.

We recommend trying the process again shortly, as this will be possible once the batch in progress has been generated.

Please see the following articles for more information:


An additional Direct Invoice Batch export is now available from the Actions menu.

The ‘Direct Invoice Batch in BPR Format‘ export lists each Invoice Item in the same manner as the Bulk Payment Request (BPR).

It is designed to provide to Plan Managers, in addition to Accounts Receivable Invoices, to assist them in claiming these Supports from the myplace provider portal.

In order to utilise this new export effectively, we recommend creating separate Invoice Batches for each Plan Manager as no identifiable debtor information is included in the export.

Please see the Direct Invoice Batch in BPR Format article for more information.


Product Discovery is a process designed to help SupportAbility better understand our customers’ operations, challenges and requirements.

We use the information and feedback gathered in this process to ensure the development completed for the SupportAbility product has the most positive impact on providers.

A new option is now available in System Preferences for providers to opt in to participate in Product Discovery. Agreeing to participate in this process authorises SupportAbility to send Staff short 1-2 question email surveys on occasion, to gather feedback on new features.

It is important to note that if your organisation agrees to participate that individual Staff can opt out from participating at any time via My Staff Account.

We strongly encourage all providers to participate to help ensure that the functionality developed helps meet your business needs and adds value to your SupportAbility subscription.

Please see the following articles for more information:


Providers now have the option to improve the security when Staff log into SupportAbility by utilising Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

MFA is blocked by default and can be configured by your organisation in System Preferences when you are ready to utilise this.

Setting up MFA in SupportAbility is comprised of; configuring MFA for your organisation in System Preferences, each Staff Member activating MFA individually using an Authenticator App and then passing the MFA step periodically when logging into SupportAbility.

Once a plan to transition to MFA is determined and has been communicated to Staff, including which Authenticator App will be used and instructions about setting this up, it is recommended to transition to MFA by configuring your MFA Status as ‘Optional’ to begin with.

If your organisation plans to mandate MFA for all Staff logging into SupportAbility, when the majority of Staff have activated MFA, the configuration of your MFA Status can be updated to ‘Enforced’.

Following MFA being configured in System Preferences, MFA is activated individually by each Staff Member using an Authenticator App.

Once activated, Staff will be required to enter an MFA code periodically, in order to access SupportAbility as part of the log-in process.

We recommend reviewing the following articles regarding this: