Shared Activity Costs have been decommissioned in this upgrade, as this outdated functionality was only being used by a handful of providers infrequently.

Staff may notice that the Activity record looks slightly different too, as the ‘Shared Activity Costs’ section was positioned below the ‘Replication’ section in the Activity record and this is now empty.

The ‘Apply GST to Activity Costs’ setting is now positioned in the Activity Details section and a single ‘Activity Costs Funded By’ drop-down is now available in the Clients section of the Activity record.

If Shared Activity Costs were in use prior to this upgrade, they will continue to be displayed in Signed Off Activities only, and Invoices for these Shared Activity Costs can continue to be generated as required.

Individual Activity Costs can continue to be utilised in the Clients section of the Activity record and may be used in lieu of Shared Activity Costs.

Please see the Activity Costs article for more information regarding this.

A new badge has been added to the Activity record and in the NDIS Support Allocation window when the associated Client Funding record has been placed ‘On Billing Hold’ to reflect the status of the Client’s Funding record.
Please see the What is Client Funding ‘On Billing Hold’ status? article for examples and more information regarding this.
Updates have been made to the ‘Client Activity Schedule Report‘ which is available from the Print menu in the Client record:
  • the Day of the Week is now included next to the date
  • fix to ensure the Activity Description populates under ‘Activity’
  • fix to ensure ‘Program’ populates when Activity Programs are in use

Fix to ensure the Actions menu functions as expected in various areas in the Finance menu e.g. Invoice Batch List and Invoice List.


Fix to ensure all compulsory documents are appearing in the Document Search results when ‘All compulsory documents’ is selected as the Document Type.