A new Dashboard Broadcast Message feature is now available, allowing providers to broadcast messages to all Staff Members on the Dashboard.

Broadcast Messages can be configured by Staff Members with access to System Preferences to appear in either Blue, Amber or Red and to include a hyperlink to any relevant documentation as required.

Please see the How to configure a Dashboard Broadcast Message for all Staff article for more information.


With the recent introduction of ‘subscription services’ in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits 2021 – 2022 effective January 2022, an update related to this has been made in the Generate Direct BPR process in SupportAbility.

This update ensures that the Activity ‘To’ Date is no longer limited to today’s date, thus allowing a future date to be selected, if required.

We are very interested to hear from providers who deliver subscription services to their participants so we may better understand this new option. We welcome feedback regarding this to support@supportability.com.au and give many thanks in advance for any insight that can be provided regarding this.


NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings are now visible after Activity Sign Off for up to one month from the Activity Date, before being hidden.

Please see the NDIS Direct Budget Utilisation Warnings article for more information.


A fix to ensure that Finance Edit Mode is now available for NDIS Support Allocations or Activity Costs associated with Pending Invoices has been applied.

Finance Edit Mode was previously being blocked when associated Invoices were being in the process of being generated.

Please see the How to correct NDIS Support Allocations after Activity Sign Off in Finance Edit Mode (edit, delete and/or add) article for more information.


The Client Assessments tab has been modernised.

Pagination has been added to this tab to assist in addressing performance issues when a large number of Client Assessments exist.

This means that Client Assessments are now spread across multiple pages within this section of the tab, allowing for easier navigation of this data.


A new ‘Active’ Search Criteria option has been added to the Personal Contact Search Report.

This has been added now that Personal Contacts can be made Inactive in the Client Contacts tab when necessary.

Please see the following articles for more information:


When saving changes made to the Client Status tab, SupportAbility now detects if five or more fields are empty.

An alert is provided upon attempting to save the record, in case this change may not have been intentional.

Please see the Client Status tab overview article for more information.


A fix has been applied to the ‘Show Dashboard for’ filter to ensure this is now only showing Dashboard notifications related to the selected Staff Member.

Update to the minimum supported web browser versions required to run SupportAbility optimally:
  • Chrome – 90
  • Safari – 14
  • Internet Explorer: Not Supported
  • Edge- 89
  • Firefox – 87
Please see the Supported web browsers and troubleshooting browser-related issues article for more information.

The order of the ‘Overall Utilisation‘ columns has been updated in the Utilisation tab of NDIS Client Funding records and the NDIS Budget Utilisation Report.

These columns are now ordered as follows:

  • Budget
  • Claiming
  • Used
  • Planned
  • Total Allocated

This change has been made so that Planned expenditure is listed after Used, as Planned expenditure reflects Allocations in Activities that are not yet Signed Off and is generally related to future-dated Activities.