The 2020/21 ‘December 1st Update’ NDIS Price Guide has been added to SupportAbility
The ‘December 1st Update’ NDIS Price Guide includes:
  • An increase in the Price Limit of 369 Support Items
  • Removal of two Support Items: 06_121703375_0111_2_2 HM – Stair Climber for Wheelchair – Attendant directed and 06_180000111_0111_1_2 Assistive Products And Accessories Relating TO HM And Access
  • An update to ensure that if Programs of Support (PoS) has been been configured for any Services that deliver Early Childhood Intervention Supports (ECIS), when the Activity is part of a PoS, Short Notice Cancellations are not applicable in the case of Absenteeism
  • The new ‘Irregular SIL Supports’ Claim Type for the relevant SIL NDIS Support Allocations as required when the ‘December 1st Update’ NDIS Price Guide is in use
Please see the NDIS Price Guide Update – 2020/21 article for more information regarding this.
NDIS Budget Utilisation Report 
A new NDIS Budget Utilisation Report is available from the ‘Client Funding’ section of the Reports menu.
This new report allows providers to search for NDIS Support Budgets as configured in NDIS Client Funding records via a range of search criteria.
It can be used to track NDIS Funding Utilisation holistically and may be used to identify Budgets with low remaining funds or with projections indicating that the funds will be significantly under or over-utilised by the end of the Funding Period.
For more information regarding this, please review the NDIS Budget Utilisation Report article.
New column ‘ABN of Support Provider’ added to the Plan Management BPR
The Plan Management BPR now includes the ABN as configured in the corresponding field in the NDIS Service Provider Contact record, provided a valid ABN has been entered.