The Client Journal record has been updated to include a new ‘Goals’ section. This will allow Staff to add multiple Goals and/or Goal Strategies per Client Journal.

Considering Client Journals are such a widely used feature in SupportAbility, a notification message will populate to alert Staff to this change as follows:

***Changes to adding Goals and/or Goal Strategies to Client Journals***

Multiple Goals and/or Goal Strategies can now be added to Client Journals in the new ‘Goals’ section of the Client Journal record. Once added, any Standards related to the Goal may be viewed and an Assessment score indicating Goal Progress may be added where applicable.

Please see the Adding Goals and Goal Strategies section of the Client Journals Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this new feature.

This notification message may be dismissed or set to remind the individual later, as required.


According to the current NDIS Price Guide, registered providers are now expected to submit Cancelled Support claims at the full agreed rate rather than the reduced rate of 90%. SupportAbility now allows providers to update the ‘Reduced price percentage for cancellations’ setting in System Preferences to 100%.

Configuring this to 100% will have the effect of not reducing the agreed price of the relevant claimed Support/s in the event of a Cancellation in SupportAbility.

Please be aware that whilst the NDIA state they will pay Cancellation claims at 90% of the agreed claim value, the utilisation in SupportAbility will incorporate the full claim value i.e. will continue to reflect 100% and not 90%.

We are attempting to get clarification from the NDIA and the NDS regarding the automatic reduction of the value of Cancelled claims to 90% and the implications of this for Plan Managers and Self-managed participants before making any further changes in this area. The NDIS Price Guide Update – July 2019 article is being kept updated in relation to this.


A ‘Number of days advance notice’ field has been added to the ‘Schedule’ Dashboard Portal. The default value is set to 30 days.

This addition limits the number of upcoming and historic Activities displayed in the ‘Time Sheets Awaiting Sign Off’ and ‘Time Sheets Recently Signed Off’ sections of the ‘Activity Schedule’ portal on the Dashboard.


‘Claim Type’ and ‘Cancellation Reason’ information associated with NDIS Support Invoice Items has been added to the description field of the following Internal [Direct] Invoice exports:

– MYOB AccountRight v19
– MYOB AccountRight 2019
– Xero
– Zed Axis (for QuickBooks or Reckon)

N.B. The Zed Axis invoice batch export has been updated to include two additional columns including this information also, ‘Claim type’ and ‘Cancellation reason’


The ‘CBS’ Internal Invoice Batch export has been decommissioned and is no longer available in SupportAbility.

Any providers who have exported this report in 2019 were contacted individually ahead of this release and advised.