The ‘March 25th Update’ NDIS Price Guide includes:

  • A temporary 10% increase to the price limit of some Core and Capacity Building Supports
  • Changes to the Cancellation rules
  • Three new Support Coordination Items under Core Supports to support plan flexibility

Client NDIS Support Allocations use this new Price Guide in the Activities they participate in, on or after this date, provided:

  • the Client’s Funding NDIS Price Guide Transition allows for this e.g. this is configured to ‘As soon as available’ where applicable (which is the default state),
  • Client Support Logs have not been completed, and
  • the Activity Sign Off has not yet been performed.

The updated Price Guide is now in use for Supports allocated to any Services delivered on or after the 25th of March, 2020 in External Invoice Items (applicable for providers of Plan Management).


The ‘March 25th Update’ Price Guide states that providers are allowed to claim 100% of the agreed rate in the event of a Cancellation for services delivered on or after March 30th.

The Cancellation Reduced Price Percentage can be increased from 90% to 100% manually by your organisation in System Preferences. However, we recommend that this should only be increased to 100% in System Preferences:

  • on or after March 30th, 2020, and
  • once the Activity Sign Off has been completed (for any Activities delivered before March 30th that contain Cancelled Supports) to lock in the current Cancellation rate (generally 90%).

Please see the Cancellation Reduced Price Percentage section of the ‘Finance & NDIS | Planning’ Knowledge Base article for details regarding how to configure this setting.

For providers of Plan Management Services, the Price Limit Cancellation warning will no longer appear when the Service Start Date in the External Invoice Items entered falls on or after March 30th, 2020.


In order for any of the new Core Support Coordination Support Items to be available for use in SupportAbility, the Client’s NDIS Direct Funding record must contain either:

  • a Flexible Budget for the parent Support Category e.g. CAT0001, or,
  • if no Flexible Budget for the parent Support Category is available, it must be added to the Client’s NDIS Direct Funding record e.g. 01_791_0106_8_3 Level 2: Coordination Of Supports.