Notification – Important updates to be expected in the next upgrade to SupportAbility v6.16

All finance-related pages i.e. Bulk Payment Requests, Invoices Batches and Time Sheet Batches, will be moved to a new ‘Finance’ menu available from the Dashboard.

Several updates are to be expected, namely that Direct Bulk Payment Requests will be generated prior to Invoice Batches.

Please see the Enhancements to Direct Bulk Payment Requests Knowledge Base article for more information about each of the changes to be expected.


Updates to the Client Search:
– ‘All’, or ‘None’ buttons have been added for the ‘Participant of Service’ criteria
– New search criteria ‘Medical Condition’ and ‘Behaviour’
– ‘Internal ID’ has been updated to ‘Debtor ID’
– ‘NDIA #’ update to ‘NDIS Number’
– The ability to search for Client Documents has been removed, as there is a Document Search feature dedicated to this available from the Reports menu.


Various bug fixes deployed following the upgrade to v6.14. All providers who reported issues experienced following this upgrade were advised of their resolution following a fix being deployed.