The 2019/20 ‘March 1st Update’ NDIS Price Guide has been added to SupportAbility.

The updated Price Guide is now in use for Supports allocated to any Services delivered on or after this date, including:

– NDIS Support Allocations in Activities (provided the Price Guide Transition in the Client’s Funding is set to ‘As soon as available’), and

– External Invoice Items (for providers of Plan Management).

The ‘March 1st Update’ NDIS Price Guide includes:

– Nine new line items for activity-based transport
– A price limit increase to Community Nursing line item 15_036_0114_1_3

The name & description for each of the new Activity Based Transport Supports is identical. Some Categories contain multiple versions of these new Supports. The only way to differentiate these is by Registration Group.

Whilst Registration Group information is already displayed in the Client Funding record, to assist providers in selecting and identifying the required Activity Based Transport Support, the Registration Group information pertaining to these Supports will be displayed in the NDIS Support Allocations window in Activities, as well as in the Bulk Payment Request (BPR).