Several changes have been made to improve password security, including the introduction of:
– Minimum password requirements
– The ability to configure ‘Password Strength Management’ in System Preferences
– Changes to the manner in which Staff Account passwords are set and reset
– The ability to prompt a Staff Member to set or reset their password by sending a Password Reset Link email
– The ability to manually reset a Staff Member’s password temporarily, and force them to reset their password to something more secure upon next login

Please see the Managing Password Security and the Set Password section of the ‘Creating a Staff Account’ Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.


The 2019/20 December Price Guide update has been added to SupportAbility as an entirely new NDIS Price Guide, separate to the existing 2019/20 Price Guide.

To clearly distinguish the difference between these two Price Guides within SupportAbility, they will be named as follows:

– 2019/20 – July 1st
– 2019/20 – December 1st Update

NDIS Price Guide Transitions have automatically been created for all NDIS Direct Client Funding records with a funding period that includes December 1st, 2019 as part of this upgrade.

Providers can customise when individual Clients should transition to the ‘2019/20 – December 1st Update’ Price Guide as required, using the configuration options in the Price Guide Transitions tab of the NDIS Direct Client Funding record.

Please see the NDIS Price Guide Transition Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.


The ability to configure TTP for each Client Funding record, based on your organisation’s contractual arrangements with individual Clients is now available.

Please see the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP) Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.


The ‘Envision Systems’ has been updated to read ‘SupportAbility Software’. N.B. This Staff Account does not contribute toward your organisation’s subscription utilisation and is a required Staff Account.


Updates to the (Internal) Invoice Search Report:
– Multiple Clients may now be selected
– Invoice Numbers may now be searched using a range
– Total $ value is displayed at the bottom of the list results
– Invoice List Print formatting has been updated to our new style


Additional data has been included in the Activity Clients Report export to assist providers manage Direct Client Funding invoicing. Seven new columns have been added to this export for this purpose:
– Total Invoiceable Value Ex GST
– Total Invoiceable Value GST
– Total Invoiceable Value Inc GST
– Total Invoiced Ex GST
– Total Invoiced GST
– Total Invoiced Inc. GST
– Invoice Numbers

N.B. Total Invoiceable Value = the total value that can be invoiced for that client’s participation in that Activity (for all Funding Types and Debtors).

Please see the Activity Clients Report Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.


Updates to the Staff Privileges Report. The Staff Account List table has been updated to list Security Privileges with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ in lieu of a tick or cross.

The original export has been renamed to the ‘Staff Security Privileges Report’ and a new ‘Staff Site and Service Privileges Report’ export is now available.
This new export provides each individual entry included in the ‘Sites and services where this staff member works’ section of the User Details tab in the Staff Account. This allows providers the ability to review itemised privileges as well as Security privileges granted to Staff, using these exports.

Please see the Staff Privileges Report Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.


Updates to the minimum requirements for supported web browser versions.

Please see the Supported web browsers section of the ‘Supported web browsers & troubleshooting browser-related issues’ Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.