A new ‘Plan Review’ feature is now available in NDIS Direct Client Funding records.

When a provider becomes aware that a participant’s NDIS Plan has been reviewed, a ‘Plan Review’ may be added from the NDIS Direct Client Funding record to reflect this. Adding a Plan Review will:

– Establish a new funding record based on the date range specified, complete with all settings such as Budgets and any Custom pricing.

– End the original funding the day prior to the new funding Start Date.

– Move all NDIS Support Allocations that occur within the new funding period from the original funding to the new.

Once a Plan Review has been added, it is important Staff review the funding Budgets in both the original funding and the new, and update where necessary to ensure these are correct.

Please see the NDIS Direct Client Funding – Plan Review Knowledge Base article for more information regarding this.


The additional fields of ‘Payroll ID’ and ‘Payroll Category’ have been added to the Staff Account Search export.

This information is only viewable when these fields have been configured in the Staff Members ‘Human Resources’ tab, and only by Staff with the required Human Resources privileges.


The ‘Old’ NDIS Bulk Payment Request file format has been removed.

Only one version of the NDIS Bulk Payment Request file download is now available. This is the most up-to-date version and includes important information such as Claim Types & Cancellation Reasons (not available in the ‘old’ format).


Update to the Activity Report, Activity Clients Report and the Activity Staff Report to reinstate the ability to search for ‘Other’ Programs.

Please note that in addition to selecting the ‘Other’ checkbox in the search criterion, a free text field opens up which must be completed with the ‘Other’ Program being searched for in order to yield the required results. This ‘Other’ information is included in the Programs column of each export.