Additional information regarding Support Items introduced or affected by the February 2019 NDIS Price Guide Updates, has been included in the NDIS Support Allocation window of Activities for Direct Service Providers and the Invoice Item window of External Invoices for providers of Plan Management Services.

For example, new Support Items added will display – ‘Valid from February 2019’ information and removed Support Items will display ‘Support removed in February 2019’. Supports with a new Price will display information regarding this, such as ‘New Price Limit of $52.88 from February 2019’.

Important information regarding these Supports can be found in the NDIS Price Guide Update – July 2018 article.


Fixed an issue where only four items were pre-populated in the NDIS Support Allocations window in Activities instead of five.

Please review the Allocating NDIS Support Items in Activities article for a detailed summary regarding which Support Items are pre-populated.


Fixed issue with the formatting of the videos included in the Learning Centre when being viewed from a reduced sized web browser or tablet device.