NDIS software
for those who care

A cloud-based solution designed to streamline and simplify client management, service delivery and NDIS billing.

Ensure quality outcomes with:

SupportAbility Mobile App

Real-time rosters at your fingertips.

Check-in and out of each shift to accurately submit hours worked. Record kilometres for reimbursement. 

Use geolocation to record where staff checked in and out from to ensure compliance and provide proof of service delivery.

Record evidence on-the-go to ensure essential notes and observations are captured.

With access to critical client information – frontline staff have everything they need to provide quality individualised care.

Client Management

Record support needs, medical conditions and behaviours.

Share data across teams.

Create funding statements, goal progress reports and more.

Track everything from client absenteeism to participant transport and provider travel.

NDIS Claiming & Invoicing

We’ve simplified the process so you get paid faster for the services you deliver.

Generate NDIS Bulk Payment Requests.

Manage rejections and track ‘open’ PACE claims.

Export invoices with finance integrations.

Track budgets, utilisation and balances.

Rostering & Timesheets

We understand ratios! Manage 1:1 or complex group activities.

Replicate rosters and reduce administration overheads.

Track time with ease and accuracy. Check-in and out of each shift to accurately submit hours worked.

Record kilometres travelled for reimbursement.

Export staff time and attendance data for your payroll system.

Built-in NDIS Pricing

Never miss a beat with the NDIS pricing arrangements and limits.

Get paid for the NDIS services you deliver.

With inbuilt price guides and finance system integrations, we’ve simplified the process.

When new price guides are published and the rules change, we prioritise updates to ensure providers remain compliant.

Custom Notes, Goal Progress & Assessments

Record evidence on-the-go to ensure essential notes and observations are captured.

Custom templates provide staff guidance to ensure accurate information is recorded.

Categorise notes for ease of reporting and make sure any sensitive information is kept private.

Establish goal strategies and track progress via notes, assessments and reports.

Audit-proof your organisation

Comprehensive incident management tools powered with ISO 31000 risk assessments and investigations.

The NDIS Practice Standards defined by the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework

are built into SupportAbility and can be used to provide audit-grade evidence. Collect digital signatures to record acceptance of NDIS supports delivered.

Security Management & Privacy Controls

Secure staff access with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and IP address allowlists.

SupportAbility is ISO27001 Certified for Information Security.

Detailed staff account privilege controls regulate staff access.

Secure documents and notes with service specific privacy barriers, reducing your conflict of interest risk.

Document Management

Manage organisational policies and procedures with version control and unlimited storage.

Upload documents, then apply privacy and expiry notifications as required.

Identify gaps in compliance documentation such as missing or expired NDIS Worker Screening Checks.

All subscriptions include

All future updates

Daily Secure Backups

Ongoing Support

Strategic implementation guidance

Unlimited document storage

Unlimited client records

Remote access via mobile app

Access to all modules and features

Generate NDIS payment requests

Out-of-the-box finance integrations

Out-of-the-box payroll integrations

Privacy controls

Access to our knowledge base

On-demand training videos

We offer a range of subscription sizes to suit your organisation

World class support

Ensuring that you get the most out of SupportAbility is our priority.

We take feedback seriously. Here’s what some of our clients have to say:

    “I was so happy with the response time and concise answers I received. thank you.” – Martin

    “Quick response time – appreciate your assistance as reporting is so important now that we are getting some good data in. Reports functionality in Supportability is great!” – Jo

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